Is Bubble Tea a Milk Booster?

You’ve probably heard it all before. In fact, some mums even swear by it. There is such a thing as milk boosters and yes, to some mums, they really do work! 

A lot of breastfeeding mums tend to ask, “How do I boost my supply?” And it isn’t meant to be judgemental, instead, it applies to all mothers who have the same goal – to provide for our little ones, to the best of our capabilities.

As a result, mums would try a bunch of things. Common milk boosting products I’ve seen on the market include teas, supplements, breast pumps, baked goods, health foods and even herbs and seeds. There is also a variety of food that you can eat which could contribute to your supply like oatmeal, flaxseeds, unripe papayas, fish, soups, lean protein – the list is endless.

However, fenugreek and brewers yeast are just some of the more commercialised ingredients found in milk boosters. But oh-my-goodness have you tried them? 

Unless they are buried upon layers and layers of palatable flavours, the taste of fenugreek and brewers yeast is not for the faint-hearted. Or at least to me anyways. I was lazy once and decided to sprinkle it straight into my cereal and milk instead of baking them into lactation cookies. Suffice to say, I learnt my lesson that day and never attempted it again.

Jumping on the Bubble Tea bandwagon

So when someone mentioned that bubble milk tea was a milk booster, it threw mums into a frenzy because why not?? It is quick, it is easily available, it is delicious! Now, let’s be honest here. While we can give up alcohol, gassy drinks, caffeine, anything that could “mar” the goodness of our breastmilk, we tend to shove bubble milk tea in the grey area category. That Includes me.

“A bit of caffeine only, nevermind-lah”

“It’s healthier than coke-lor”

“A lot of sugar ni, tapi tak pe lah. Sekali-sekala je. I deserve a treat”

I would love for any reason to enjoy a cup of bubble milk tea after a long day. All the more reason to when we read testimonies of breastfeeding mums who legit swear bubble tea has worked for them. Like even down to the “tea” (pun intended) on what to order and from which shop. 

Demand and Supply

So if I pair bubble tea with my other efforts to increase demand for milk production, it should work, right? Of course, I would need to follow a few simple steps for demand and supply like these ones listed below:

  • Follow my baby’s lead and nurse often
  • Let my baby feed fully from each breast
  • Pump regularly and on time
  • Eat healthily
  • Get enough rest
  • Stay hydrated
  • And try to direct latch a much as possible

But you see, unfortunately, not all of us can have the luxury of having our babies nearby. 

“I have a meeting in half an hour but I need to be calm so I can encourage a better let down”

“Should I just brave the jam so that I can head home to feed my baby directly?”

“I am so upset I split my expressed milk at work!”

Some of us are full time working mums. When mums work to provide, it doesn’t mean they love their children any less. They still worry about producing enough breastmilk so that their children can have the best. 

Breastfeeding mums can try to do everything possible to increase their supply, but at the end of the day, a lot of it also depends heavily on mental support too.

So is Bubble Milk Tea the answer?

Personally, I have no scientific proof for you and the health-conscious people would argue that there’s nothing to gain from a cup that is loaded with boba, sugar and nothing much else.

However, I did notice a slight increase in production on the few times my husband walked through the door with the takeaway carton holding bubble milk tea for two. So maybe the bubble tea has a placebo effect or perhaps it really did help a bit. Regardless, I noticed that I produced the most when I was relaxed, happy and contented. I was not counting how many millilitres I was producing, I just let my body take over.

Which lead me to believe that despite us doing everything we can to give our bodies the best chance, it still comes down to the state of our minds. Are we getting enough positive mental and emotional support at home? Are husbands and immediate family aware of the roles they play in empowering their wives to breastfeed?

So if it makes you happy, why not indulge in a cup of bubble milk tea every once in a while? You can call it your milk booster, your mood booster, anything you like. At the end of the day, if it #sparksjoy and your baby is fed, that is all that matters.

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