10 Ways to Encourage Your Little One to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

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Encouraging children who don’t like fruits and veggies is every parents’ pet peeve. Luckily children tend to favour one over the other, so at very least they can still get some fibre and essential vitamins. If your little one loves them both, then lucky you. However, when children refuse to eat both, that’s when parents […]

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Can I Make My Baby Fairer?

Astra Family A woman discussing how to make her baby fairer with a curious child on the floor.

To begin to understand Asia’s deep-rooted obsession with being fair-skinned, we first need to go back in history. Many countries in South Asia and South-East Asia were colonised by Europeans back then where the white race was deemed more superior, and the dark-skinned race was considered lower class. Unfortunately, white supremacy has been ingrained in

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Fever in Children

Astra Family A young boy with a fever is being examined by a doctor.

Fever happens when the body’s internal temperature is above its normal level. This is determined by a gland in the brain called the hypothalamus which tells the body to stay around 37°C on regular days. Of course, the body temperature will vary throughout the day: a little lower in the morning and slightly higher towards

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