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Bubs FAQs

Yes! Bubs Organic® formula tins are fully recyclable and BPA free; this includes our tins, lids and scoops.

All babies react to changes in formula differently. Due to the sensitivity of their tiny tummy, they may experience some changes in their stools. A baby’s digestive system will settle down. To give your baby a smooth transition from another brand formula to Bubs formula (or between Bubs Formula Stages), it is best to do so gradually by mix feeding with a transition plan by mixing the old and new powders at certain rations over a few days, giving the baby’s digestive system a chance to adapt slowly. If your baby’s symptoms persist, seek advice from your healthcare professional.

Below please find a transition plan table:

Unfortunately, we do not give out or sell samples of Bubs milk formula.

Store your Bubs formula direct from sunlight in a cool, clean location such as a pantry. Ideally under 25°C. 

We don’t recommend freezing the formula. You don’t need to as it can be stored at room temperature and can be used for up to 4 weeks after opening the foil seal. We do not recommend you freeze any formula in the freezer for a number of reasons. Storing powder in refrigerated conditions exposes the powder to condensation. This can cause the powdered ingredients to clump. As a result, the powder may not mix/reconstitute as well when formula is prepared. We recommend that you store it in the pantry for up to 4 weeks

Formula powders are packed by weight, not volume, powder tends to settle and compress over time, so at the time of filling, the product level normally sits higher compared to where it would be in 3 or 4 or 6 months later. Our state of the art equipment weighs every single tin to a high level of accuracy. 

Organic Cow Formula

Yes! Bubs Organic® formula range contains DHA (Omega-3) and ARA (Omega-6). These are long chain fatty acids. Unlike other organic toddler milk, Bubs® proudly sources BOTH DHA and Ara from plants. This removes the fish oil allergen and improves the taste.

Yes! Bubs Organic® formula range contains both Prebiotics and Probiotics. Our formula contains Prebiotic Galacto-Oligosaccarides (GOS) and the Probiotic strain called Bifidobacterium longum (BB536).

Our cows graze outdoors 365 days a year, enjoying some of the best conditions in the world. They roam freely within their paddocks, expressing natural behaviors, helping them produce high quality milk. A grass-fed diet improves the quality of cow’s milk as it is richer in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, beta-carotenes and CLA when compared to other types of milk.


Yes, our Bubs Organic Cereal range is Vegan friendly. 


The rusks do not have any dairy in the ingredients, but the line also processes products that contain dairy. Although all care is taken during cleaning and sanitation of equipment between products, we are unable to claim the product is dairy free. This is the case with all other rusk products on the market in Australia. 

Our organic rusks are hard as you have described making them ideal for your little one to chew during the teething process. The construct is such that your baby can go down hard without cracking or splintering the rusk. They are a great alternative to teething rings as they are naturally flavoured with organic apple and hard baked to help your baby develop healthy little teeth and strong jaw muscles. 


Our company policy is to source our organic ingredients from Australia where possible, and aim to have our food products made here in Australia. In some instances, where seasonal or availability issues prevent us from sourcing Australian produce, we import raw ingredients from trusted international partners. 
Sadly there are not enough farms in Australia to supply the ingredients in sufficient volumes for our production. 

Bubs Organic baby food products are proudly certified organic by ACO, Australia’s largest organic certifying body. ACO are approved, accredited and recognised by the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources Australia. In addition, our products undergo strict quality control, they do not contain any artificial ingredients, and are free from GMO ingredients, pesticides and chemicals. 

We use a blend of Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Canola oil, and Coconut oil in our stages 1 and 2 Goat formulas. 
Simply put, there is no better source of nutrition for human babies than their mother’s milk. However, if babies need to be formula fed we must meet very specific compositional requirements including the fatty acid profile of the formula, which are not naturally occurring in Goats or Cows milk. This is achieved by adding the vegetable oil blend to the formula. 

Organic Bubs berries are sourced from Canada and the USA, and are USDA certified. Our blueberries are prepared from clean, sound, fresh or frozen organically grown berries that have been sorted, washed and inspected. The berries are milled, pureed and then pasteurised. The product is then processed and packed with Good Manufacturing Practices.Prior to finalizing the Organic Bubs formulas, the mixed ingredients are pasteurised or retorted for the finished packaged product. 


Our full range of products are currently certified Halal in Australia.

Due to regulatory requirements in Malaysia all food products for children are recommended for 6M+ in Malaysia

Our products has no nasties. No pesticides. No GMOs. No artificial flavours or preservatives. That also mean no preservatives to extend shelf life. Therefore the shelf life is a bit shorter than the rest.
Once open, reseal and keep refrigerated for up to 48 hours.


toothy – production is 18m before
cereals – 15m before

toothy – production is 18m before expiry
cereals – 15m before expiry
Milk – 24 m before expiry

Bubs cereal not gluten free. And when talk about allergy is very broad. Best to get the doctors advice.

You may start with one tablespoon of cereal, add 2 tablespoons of boiled water, breast milk or formula. 
Unfortunately we don’t have measurement of milk Vs cereal. 
However you can refer to the link below for baby weaning guidelines.  

Cow’s milk-based baby formulas for babies up to six months of age are called stage 1 or starter formulas. You can use stage 1 formulas up until your baby is 12 months old. From six months, you can choose stage 2. Technically mummy can let baby consume stage 1 for 7 months old baby. 

Yes, cereal comes with a ZIP lock Bag. 

We recommend you speak to your doctor about mixing or switching between organic cow and goat. It may defer from child to child

Yes. Organic Cow Milk. 

yea all those items are for influencers and media only

is Recommended only, You can serve up to your baby demand but solid foods as main foods. If the child is above 1yo. 

Guide of introduce new formula milk . Mixing different ratio of old milk and new milk .
For example per serving of milk is 4 scoop = 75%(3scoops ) old milk , 25%(1scoop) new milk .

We have no preservatives, can only be used up to 4 weeks after opening the foil seal.

It’s normal, Usually at the factory, before sealing the can they will inject nitrogen gas to preserve the freshness of the product. Open the can you will know. If fermented you can see and smell.

Bubs Goat Milk

Yes can. It is more suitable to try milk Stage 4 . For 3-12 years old.

Goat milk is not organic

Neither products have specific properties to help with increasing appetite. The main differences between Goat Milk and Cow Organic Milk are:
1) Goat Milk has Natural A2 Goat Protein, with low A1 making it easier to digest. Cow Milk has high A1 casein
2) Goat Milk contains less lactose than Cow Milk
3) Goat Milk has smaller fat molecules with a greater surface are, for faster and easier digestion compared to Cow milk which has larger fat molecules
4) Goat Milk has higher levels of Omega 6, Vitamin A & D vs Cow Milk that has higher Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid

We strongly recommend to seek for the Doctor advice before consuming for G6PD Baby.

Momama FAQs

Yes. Once it is fully charged, it can be used as a portable warmer. 

Yes. It can work to warm up fresh milk.

It is not designed for frozen milk.

It is recommended to heat the water before mixing formula.

Approximately 2-4 heating cycles depending on the temperature and volume of milk. 

Momama will stop heating at the selected temperature and maintain the liquid at the selected temperature.

No, it is designed to heat and maintain at safe temperatures for breastmilk (37 degrees celsius), where breastmilk nutrients are maintained. 

It is not advisable to keep milk warm overnight. Milk is perishable if stored for over half an hour.

– 37oc- 40oc for breastmilk, protein powder/probiotics
– 40oc- 45oc for milk powder/water

Safety – Your baby’s safety is your number one priority. You want to know that whatever bottle warmer you choose for your baby will warm the milk to a safe temperature while also preserving breast milk nutrients.

Yes , there is a Build in battery inside. It is using type c cable to charge. When you buy Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmer, type C cable is included in the box.

It depends on the volume and temperature. You may refer to the Time Reference Table in the link attached.


1.Pour purified water / milk into baby bottle
2.Place warmer upside down correctly install the warmer and bottle.
3.Long press for 2 seconds to power on
4.Select temperature
5.Start heating

1.Philip AVENT
6.Snow Bear
12.Bebe Confort
15.Yo Yo Monkey
17.Us Baby
20.Wide neck Autumz PP & PPSU (except PPSU 4oz)

Pureen Disney Winnie wide neck -MAM adapter (MM0004)
Pureen basic round feeding bottle -MM0006

Ultra wide neck – cotomoto adapter (MM0009) 

Dental care sippy cup – tommy tippy adapter (MM0003)

Yes ,same size with cotomoto adapter (MM0009)

Yes ,same size with MAM adapter (MM0004)

Yes,can fit adapter (MM0006).

Yes ,same size with MAM adapter (MM0004) 

Yes ,same size with MAM adapter (MM0004)

MM0006 Suitable for Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmers with  
1. Pigeon Flexible Slim-neck 
2. Dr. Brown’s Options+™️ Anti-colic Baby Bottle 
3. Medela bottles  
4. NUK Narrow neck 
5.Anakku regular feeding bottle 
6.Anakku feeding PP bottle
7.Pureen basic round feeding bottle
MM0009 Suitable forMomamaIntelligent Bottle Warmers with  

– Comotomo Natural Feel Silicone Baby Bottle 150ml  
-He or She Ultra wide neck baby bottle only 
– Haaka Bottle except the stainless steel pig bottle 
– Pureen Natural Flow Bottle 8oz 
MM0003 Suitable for Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmers with  
–  Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles. 
–  He or She Dental care sippy cup 
MM0007 Suitable for Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmers with  
– NUK PPSU Premium Choice 0-6  
– Nuk Nature Sense Wide Neck 
MM0004 Suitable for Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmers with  

-PP/PPSU pigeon Wide neck  
-Pureen Disney Winnie Wide neck
-Anakku Disney Wide Neck pp feeding bottle 
-Anakku wide neck bottle    
-Momo house ppsu bottle 260ml. 

Yes ,Nuk PPSU Premium choice Wide Neck and nature sense wide neck can fit Adapter MM0007.

Yes ,Anakku regular feeding /Anakku Feeding Bottle bottle Can fit with adapter (MM0006)
Anakku disney wide neck pp feeding bottle (MM0004)

Yes can fit, (except PPSU 4oz)

Sorry Mother-K Korea PPSU 4th Gen Feeding Bottle 180ml / 280ml is not compatible with Momama warmer for now.

Sorry Chicco Perfect5 PP Feeding  and Chicco Step Up 2 Feeding Bottle (4m+) is not compatible with Momama warmer for now.

Sorry Spectra wide neck storage  is not compatible with Momama warmer for now. 

Sorry Simba is not compatible with Momama warmer for now.

Yes ,same size with comotomo adapter (MM0009) except the stainless steel pig bottle 


How to Clean :
1. Unplug the bottle and wait for it to cool.
2. Remove 0-ring and ensure charging point is closed.
3. Gently clean the stainless steel surface using damp cloth or sponge with mild soap. Rinse with water.
4. Wipe all surfaces with cloth and allow to air-dry.
5. Do not submerge unit in water.
6. Always replace o-ring.

4 hours required to fully charge .

Just change the O ring. If there are black spots or change color.

Lo Displayed to warn less 20% Available power,please Charge when Lo displayed.

Yes,1 year warranty for factory defectIf you are facing any problem with your Momama milk warmer, please drop us a message.

Make sure Momama is Off, and press the on button to find out the actual battery.
Displayed on the screen: 20, 40, 60, 80,100 is the amount of bettery left.

Hi, Momama is an electrical item. Please do not put it into a steam/ UV sterilizer. You just need to wash their stainless steel milk bottle cleaner and glently brush  Ensure the back silicone cover is closed 

Yes,UV sterilizer can use ,just makesure remove the silicone ring.

UV sterilizer can use for Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmer, But silicone ring we do not recommended becouse selicone ring will turn out the colour. 

For All bottles are u ship.

Normally Fully charge can use up to 6 hrs.

More quantity milk, will take time for the milk to be heated. 

Nuby bottle  is not compatible with Momama warmer for now.

Can, the puree must be watery. Cannot be thick puree.

Yes, you may use to heat up plain water. 

No,Please charge with at least 10000mAh  power bank when using the wormer outdoors.

Definitely YES! Momama warms up breast milk at the perfect temperature (37°C) ensures no nutrient loss 

no activation required however do remember to keep your receipt for future reference if anything happen to the device. 🙂 I hope you will like the milk warmer as we do.

yes it can be used. We have tested it. 

You may refer to the chart in this link: https://momama.my/how-to-use/ 
It depends the temperature of ur milk and how many ml. 

It won’t overheat, as it stop and keep warm once it reach the temperature you set. It will hold at the selected temperature until battery runs out.

It does the progress of the temperature. When it reaches the selected temperate it will beep and maintain the temperature.

Momama will beep when it reaches the temperature you selected. After it reaches the temperature, it will hold at the selected temperature until battery runs out. 

It will show full bar when complete charging.

If the bottle in still attached, you need to press and hold to turn off. 
If the bottle is removed, it will off on its own. 

No.you will need to choose. 37deg , 40 deg and 45deg.

Momama is a Malaysian brand but our products are made in China

Nuby FAQs

Tritan CUP & PP CUP


Brands Usa Made in China

Yes,Tritan cup is break resistant, scratch resistant and also BPA FREE. 

Yes, Nuby Tritan Wonder Cup   anti -spill feature.

Sorry we don’t have at the moment. 

Sorry we don’t have at the moment.

Sorry we don’t have at the moment. 

Sorry we don’t have at the moment.

Sorry we don’t have at the moment.

All our Tritan cups can be put in UV Sterilizer. However it may affect the performance in the following ways.

• Color—shift to yellow
• Durability—decrease in impact resistance
• Transparency—increase in haze

Preferred method will be normal washing with hot water and bottle detergent. It is also dish washer safe.

Nuby Tritan cannot be boiled,temperature for tritan able below than 90c.

Nuby Tritan cannot be steam sterilizer .temperature for tritan able below than 90c. 

Dishwasher safe (Top rack only) or Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

yes,Tritan is neutral in taste, food-safe, heat-resistant, break-proof and dishwasher-safe up to 90°C 

You can use small brush to wash nuby weighted straw NB10320

Plastick PP Can last 6 months, it is best to change if the color of the bottle changes, or scratches

Plastic Tritan Can use longer, it is best to change if the color of the bottle changes, or scratches

The Difference Between PP And Tritan Bottles. From the view of performence, PP is usually made of ordinary plastic, but Tritan is a new material, which is far more superior to PP plastic
pp bottle is only limited by its own factors the trasparency is not very good as there will always be a hazy sense a fog from the appearance of pp water bottle .But the desity of tritan water bottle is lower than that of pp plastic water bottle .So the tritan bottle look very trasparent just like glass.
Tritan bottle perform better than pp bottle Tritan will not be corroded by chemical ,even using various detergent for cleaning and disinfection but pp does not have this performance.

For Nuby flip n sip 360 straw, Cannot use while lying down ya.

Dishwasher safe (Top rack only) or Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

Tritan bowl Cannot use microwave. 

Yes.microwave safe please  warm at proper time and power level for food inside.

Copyright 2018, we don’t have manufacturing date These are stocks arrived 2021

Company registration and product registration is different. Different trademarks are renewed and also registered at different dates and years. 

Bite & sip feature, the child needs to put pressure / bite the straw only water will flow out.


Refrigerator yes, freezer not recommended as this is not a cooling teether. Meanwhile a kind remind due to hygiene purpose advisable to place in the case before place into refrigerator. 

Around 3 to 7 months of age.

yes,Can be boiled and steam sterilIzed Diswasher Safe Top Rack Only. It is not suitable for UV sterilizer.

yes,Any equipment that will come into contact with baby’s mouth should be sterilised. This includes feeding equipment, soothers, spoons, teethers and toys

ya,kesemua barangan yang digunakan pada bayi boleh di sterilised termasuk barangan feeding equipment, soothers, spoons, teethers and toys

No, teether dont have an expiry date just wash and sterilizer well before giving.
It should be clean as baby insert this in mouth maintain hygienie.

The product is made from silicone and PP so technically safe to clean up using UV sterilize or Boil Water Sterilize.

Floor Seat

Suitable 4month until 12 month 

What colour floor seat have?

Tray do not come together, we sell separately the price for the tray is RM 55

Suitable 4month until 12 month 

What colour floor seat have?

Tray do not come together, we sell separately the price for the tray is RM 55

Replacement Nuby

Potty Toppers

Recommended age ‏18 months – 4 years  and the weight baby Max15 kg

Protty Tren

To train children from the age of 1-3 years to use the toilet, With potty can reduce the use of diapers and facilitate parents 

Between ages 18 and 24 months.

45 x 25 x 29 Centimeter

Maximum 27 kg.

Brands Usa Made in China

Sorry we don’t have at the moment.

Comfort Silicone Bottle

Weighted straw allows your toddler to hold the cup at any angle. 

Dishwasher safe (Top rack only) or Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

yes.Silicone safe to clean up using boiling water. 

It is dishwasher safe. But not recommended for UV sterilizer ,becouse selicone will change colour to yellowish. 

Normally recommended change on every 3 month for hygiene purpose.

Can use more than 6months. compared to PP bottles have to change every 6months, if use UV sterilizer, it changes color faster.

Brush Silicone

brush should be replaced every 2 month.

25 cm Height
12 cm width
7 cm length

Nuby Silicone Bottle Brush (No Stand)

Stainlees Steel

Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For Stainless steel bottle please do not use Microwave,Boiling water,Or steam Sterilize. 

Yes, We have, price for the replacement is RM 15.


Sorry we don’t have at the moment.


Astra Guard FAQs

*Astra Guard incorporates nanotechnology that provides instant 99.999% kill rate and neutralises bad odours. It is non-toxic, made with

natural ingredient consisting of mineral zinc, distilled water and plant extracts.

*Spray as required on any surfaces or objects. No rinsing required.

*Astra Guard disinfectant is proudly made in Malaysia. 

Yes. It’s 100% safe and natural in our products. Consisting of mineral zinc, distilled water, and plant extracts. 

Astra Guard have two sizes 500ml and 100ml. 

Both have the same function only different size 

Yes.100% Safe, In our products which consist of mineral zinc, distilled water and plant extracts .  If your child licks it after sanitizing, you do not have to worry because our sanitizer is food grade.

Yes, it’s Food grade . If your child accidentally licks it,  you do not have to worry.  

Hoppi FAQs

Hoppi™ is a brand committed to ensuring every mum gets the best in the most
affordable manner. Hoppi™ Baby Wipes is a premium baby wipes made affordable.
We provide every mother with high-quality baby wipes that are on par (or even better!)
than the wipes in the market but at 50% of the market price.

Yes! Hoppi Wet Wipes (Blue Pack) is 99% made from EDI water, making it safe to use
on baby skin, face, mouth and daily cleaning.

Electrodeionization (EDI) is an electrically-driven water treatment technology that uses
electricity, ion exchange membranes, and resin to remove ions and charged species
from water (for example, salts and organic acids). EDI also delivers more consistent
purity than other water treatment technology, making EDI water the purest form of
water. By using EDI water, Hoppi Baby Wipes is safe for baby physically and orally.

Hoppi Wipes is a specially designed wipe to suit all babies. It has a continuous
dispensing system that is easy and friendly to use. The non-woven spunlace and pearl
pattern design provides incredible soft & gentle texture to the skin. It comes in the
dimensions of 200mm x 150mm, 50gsm thickness – making it possible to clean in just
one wipe.

Hoppi Antibacterial Wipes cleans and protects surfaces against 99.9% of germs. It is
alcohol-free and can be used for general cleaning, such as toys and baby utilities, and
baby butts after poop or pee.
However, we do not recommend it to clean baby hands or faces directly to avoid direct
contact with the mouth.

Our wipes dimension is 200mm x 150mm, 50gsm thickness 

You can keep the product as long as you need until the expiration date. Keep it
between 15- 30 degrees and away from direct sunlight, as it can contribute to faster
moisture loss than usual.

The expiry date for the wipe is two years from the manufacturing date.
After opening, the wipes will generally be good to use within three months. This is
because any longer than that, the moisture in the wipes may dry up. Remember to
always seal your wipes back after each use.
Current batch expires in Year 2023.

Hoppi Wet Wipes (Blue Pack) is fragrance-free and alcohol-free.
Hoppi Antibacterial Wipes (Orang Pack) has refreshing citrus scent and alcohol-free

No, you can’t flush our wipes. They must be thrown into proper bins. 

Yes, it is! All Hoppi Wipes are Paraben-free. 

Hoppi Wipes Antibacterial wipes are made with Benzalkonium Chloride as the main
active ingredient to help kill 99.99% germs and bacteria. It’s made to be alcohol-free
and has refreshing lemon scent, it is an option that keeps your baby’s surrounding
clean and safe!

Hello. Thanks for your enquiries. We have not done official comparison with A&F wipes. However we have received feedbacks from our customers and retailers that it’s almost the same. Hoppi wipes are also very thick as well. Do try one and let us know.

Philips FAQs

All Philip Avent bottle is anti colic.

The Natural bottle is our most innovative bottle. It combines all the benefits of Anti-colic bottles and has a teat that resembles the natural form and feel of the breast. This makes it easy for you and your baby to switch between breast and bottle feeding.
Replaced every 6 months.If you see any cracks, leaks or chips on the bottle, discard it immediately.

Normally recommended change on every 3 month for hygiene purpose.

It is dishwasher safe. But not recommended for UV sterilizer

Dishwasher safe (Top rack only) or Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Before use, please wash and sterilize the bottle or soak the bottle in boiling water for 5 minutes to ensure cleanliness. 

Thick Feed teat has a special Y cut which allows for an extra fast flow and is suitable for semi-solids, thicker feed (e.g. milk with added cereal or rice powder). 

Sorry we don’t have manufacturing date

PPSU Bottle

Product Brands Germany Made in China

yes, can heat up to 230c 

Replaced every  6  months.If you see any cracks, leaks or chips on the bottle, discard it immediately.

Wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

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