How to Select the Right Mask for your Kids

There are a  lot of factors when it comes to buying the right mask for our children and it is crucial that parents are equipped with the facts in order to keep our children safe during this season.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a mask for your child: 

1. Is the mask leak-proof?

While commonly used, a surgical mask offers minimum protection from large droplets, splashes, sprays, or splatter that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria).

Surgical masks can also help reduce exposure of your saliva and germs to others, however, they do not provide complete protection due to the loose fit between the surface of the face mask and your face. This is why it is important that children wear masks that are the right-sized and made especially for them. Wearing adult and wrong sized masks will not protect them at all.

2. Filtration

Is the mask made with a 3-ply structure, minimum? How much can it filter? Only high-efficiency filters are able to block pollen and water droplets. Is it also able to block bacteria, dust and other particles? Or is it 4-ply which is a more premium mask made with added high-quality filters?

3. Is it easy to breathe through the material?

It is important to note that children have smaller airways and lungs compared to adults. Masks for children really need to have good breathability to ensure that they do not cause problems to those with respiratory issues.

4. Is the mask comfortable?

Children are notorious for whining over the slightest discomfort. All the more reason parents need to choose masks that are comfortable, of good fit and equipped with soft ear loops so as not to hurt those little ears when worn for long periods of time.

5. What about DIY masks?

Crafty parents might resort to making their own mask, as a way to entice their children with personalised masks. However, DIY masks should only be a last resort, and only in the event of a shortage of supply. Even with the right materials on hand, making your own mask is not advisable.

6. No mask for infants!

Above all, remember that infants should never wear masks due to the risk of suffocation.

7. Common mistakes when wearing masks

The most common is wearing it on the wrong side and wearing it the wrong way. Another mistake is forgetting to wash our hands before helping our children to put on their mask and after taking their mask off and discarding it properly. If there is no access to water, then clean your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. (option to link to sanitizer article here)

Parents should wash their hands thoroughly and avoid touching the front part of the mask as much as possible. When putting the mask on your child, extend the mask until it covers the nose all the way to the bottom of the chin. Adjust the wire on nose bridge so that the mask fits snugly over their face.

Experts at WHO stresses that masks are only effective when:

  • they are the right size and type to ensure no leakage of air
  • they are used properly in combination with frequent hand-cleaning either with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • masks are disposed of properly.

Always remember to dispose of the used mask properly by wrapping it up and putting it into a sealed plastic bag before throwing it into the bin. It is our social responsibility to keep all fellow Malaysians safe, including those who tirelessly dispose of our daily garbage.

8. Nuby Kids 3-ply Mask and 3D Mask

Astrababy is launching two new products to keep your children safe. Nuby Kids 3-ply face mask and Nuby Kids 3D 4-ply face mask that efficiently blocks pollen, water droplets, bacteria, dust and other particles. What makes Nuby Kids 3D face mask stand out is its Double Nano Filter. Both masks are made with protective soft and comfortable layers. Designed for children ages 5-12 years of age, it’s moulding nose clip and contour wrap is suitable for all face shapes. It’s fine and soft ear loops ensure no pain to little ears while offering a pleasant wearing experience for your little one. Available in two super cute designs for both boys and girls, your children are bound to love them.

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