Hospital Bag Checklist of Essentials for Breastfeeding Mums

As the weeks draw closer and closer to crunch time, it is normal to feel anxious as nesting instincts kick into overdrive in anticipation for your little one to meet the world. Whether you are a first-time or a seasoned mum, counting down to your EDD also means it is time to pack that hospital bag. 

Having the hospital bag packed and ready to go is always a wise call because there’s simply no telling when one would suddenly go into labour. This is why it is recommended that mums pack their bags any time between 32 to 35 weeks gestation to avoid last-minute scrambling. Besides, an early start will allow you ample time to round everything up and triple-check that you have everything you need.  

Hospital Bag Checklist

As overwhelming as it may be for first-time mothers to see the hospital list, it is good to focus on more positive things than worrying about what you’ll forget. Public and private hospitals have come a long way in paediatric care and services that we simply do not need to pack the whole house with us.  

We’re privileged to say that our hospitals in Malaysia are all within driving distance. As long as you have your important documents and birth plan with you, someone can always make a trip back home or offer to bring whatever you’ve forgotten. 

Despite the egging need to bring everything with you, you’d be surprised that expecting mums today don’t really need to bring too much with them. Here are down into different categories to make it easier for mums to tick things off before the big day.

Baby’s Essentials

  1. A set of going-home outfits, something easy to put on
  2. Baby binder
  3. A baby swaddle
  4. A couple of baby handkerchiefs/small towels/burp cloths
  5. A pack of baby wipes/wet tissue
  6. A small pack of newborn baby diapers for when your baby goes home
  7. A bottle of baby oil – Yu Yee oil is a good choice as it helps with colic and bloating.
  8. An infant car seat is installed.

Most hospitals will ensure that your baby is clothed, diapered, swaddled and fed, so there’s no need to overpack even when you’re super tempted to. You need to be mindful that paediatric wards are open wards in most hospitals; hence, nobody will remember which sets of clothes belong to which baby. Take our advice, leave the cute rompers and onesies at home and just pack the cutest one of the lot as a going-home outfit for your little one. 

What about Daddy Essentials?

Now that you’ve got your baby’s things covered, let’s move on to the dads because, truth be told, their list is relatively short.

  1. A change of comfortable clothes in case labour pulls an overnighter.
  2. A spare towel
  3. A phone charger
  4. A power bank
  5. A fully charged camera if Dad would rather document the memories in high resolution.
  6. Reminder to make a copy of discharge documents (later)

Baby: check; daddy: check, and now it is our turn!

Mum’s Essentials

Personal Documents

  1. MYKad
  2. Insurance/Medical card (if any)
  3. Pregnancy record book
  4. A copy of your birth plan 

Essentials Checklist

  1. Your going-home outfit – skirt/wide pants with long sleeve T-shirt/nursing blouse
  2. 4 pairs of maternity underwear
  3. 1 pack of disposable panties (just in case something happens to all the underwear you packed)
  4. 4 headscarves for Muslim mums
  5. 2 thick and long socks
  6. 1 sweater
  7. Snacks (Nuts or dried food are both nutritious and great!)
  8. A travel bag of toiletries – shampoo, shower cream, facial wash, toothbrush and toothpaste
  9. Some basic skincare essentials like moisturisers and a lip balm. 
  10. A pack of maternity pads
  11. Hair ties/Headband 
  12. A hairbrush
  13. A pair of toilet slippers
  14. Zamzam water for the Muslim mums
  15. Medicated oil
  16. Hot bag – to keep your body warm
  17. A phone charger
  18. A power bank

The Breastfeeding Essentials

  1. Lactating cookies
  2. Nipple cream
  3. 4 nursing bras
  4. Breast pads in case of guests

The Optional Checklist

  1. Bath towel and face towel, if you’d like your own
  2. 4 sets of sarong and nursing-friendly clothes if you’d rather not wear the hospital gown provided
  3. Pack light makeup if you want to
  4. A breastfeeding pillow would be great but not crucial 
  5. A breast pump if you choose to pump, although you might not use it because you’ll be encouraged to direct latch to get your milk going.

Some mums-to-be would start eating lactation cookies 2 weeks before their due date. This is so that your body is enriched with the nutrients it needs to kick start colostrum and breast milk production once your precious one arrives. While lactation cookies can assist with lactation, it is also good to learn to trust your body. Even as you’re cradling your precious bundle of joy, trust your body to naturally trigger lactating signals so you can start nourishing your baby.

Stress is the biggest deterrent to milk production, so breathe, relax and enjoy the journey.

HAPIMOMS® Lactation Cookies contain six galactagogues ingredients: Fenugreek, Fennel, Flaxseed, Wheat Germ, Oats and Brewer’s yeast, all combined in the right amount and ratio, rolled into a cookie. They are conveniently packaged into individual sachets, ideal for on-the-go consumption and easy to chuck a couple into your hospital bag.

These nutrient-dense cookies are available in three classic flavours: Mixed Berries, Choc Chip, and Brownie. For more information on HAPIMOMS® Lactation Cookies and where to purchase them, visit our website at Kick start your breastfeeding journey with HAPIMOMS® Lactation Cookies today. 

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