Simply Easy for a Tastier Breast Milk & Formula Milk 


Feeding your little one with either stored breast milk or formula milk could be turned out easy or struggling – depending on if the milk is well accepted as “delicious” by the baby. It’s perfectly alright to give your baby cold breast milk if they can accept it, however babies would normally prefer a lukewarm milk as they usually come from mom which considered as body temperature milk.  

To or Not To Warm It Up 

An interesting reason to warm up the milk is to make it more digestible and nourishing for the little one as the temperature of food is thought to affect the way it’s digested. When breast milk is frozen or refrigerated, the fat usually separates. It’s always good to warm it up or at least bring it to the room temperature to help restoring the breast milk to its original consistency. It is of course not needed to take out the food thermometer every time you prepare the milk. It’s never been so easy if you know the steps correctly.  

Simple Temperature Guideline 

The temperature range below might guide you through a little: 

  1. Room temperature of approximately 25°c – it’s safe to feed baby within the normal room temperature; however, it may be a Yes or No from your baby. It might not be as optimal for baby’s digestion or even taste preference if the baby already used to lukewarm milk. Some might even flat out refuse it if it’s not warm enough to “enjoy” the milk 
  1. 37°c – it’s just nice and considered as ideal temperature for warming up breast milk since it gives the same as the milk coming out from the mummy’s breast 
  1. 37°c to 40°c – this range is suitable for any formula milk or some food with probiotics as it’s still considered lukewarm and not hot enough to destroy the nutrients of milk or hurt the lips of baby 
  1. 40°c to 45°c – this is still acceptable for formula milk or warming up water if your baby prefers a more heated drink 

Overheating the stored breast milk or formula milk beyond the recommended temperature is not advisable as the nutrients and quality of milk shall be deteriorated with the increasing of temperature. 

Why not make your life easier by choosing a great helper by using Momama Intelligent Milk Warmer


Momama Intelligent Milk Warmer comes with 3 different temperature settings to maintain the nutrients of the breastmilk and formula milk. This milk warmer also is light and portable which comes in handy when in need for travelling with the family.  

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