Bottle Warmer: Choosing the Right one for you and your Baby

Working from home and juggling a baby or toddler or both can mean schedules are in a mess on a daily basis. Ad hoc meetings sometimes mean meal times get pushed back a little, and this can also mean that breastmilk or formula may need to be stowed away, for now, only to be reheated later on.

We all know that a hungry baby is not a happy one. As much as we try to work around things, sometimes the daily routine can be turned completely upside down. It certainly isn’t the easiest thing to have to do, to excuse yourself for a short bit just to warm some milk out during a conference call. Hence, having the right bottle warmer is crucial so that you have a convenient and hygienic means of warming up milk for your little one without having to leave your spot. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for you and your little one.

What you should be looking for in a Bottle Warmer

If you have to keep lugging around a corded bottle warmer with you, from room to room, think again. Is there even an electrical plug that’s not being used in that room? Petty, isn’t it?

A bottle warmer should be designed to be portable, compact and fully functional so that your little one can enjoy a warm bottle of milk anywhere, any time. But with so many different types of portable bottle warmers on the market, you will have to go through some of their features to see what fits you best.

Here are some of the key things you should look for in a bottle warmer.

How fast does it warm up?

A speedy travel bottle warmer is always welcomed because we all know a happy baby is one that’s fed and not a ravenously hungry one. Unfortunately for parents, babies and young children have no sense of time or the know-how to be patient. If they are hungry, they are just hungry and want food now. Hence, a bottle warmer that can warm up quickly is a plus because nobody wants to deal with tantrums or inconsolable crying because their milk is going to take close to an hour to warm up. 

Just like us, our children are also trying to adapt to the new norm. They have to cope with us being physically home but not really being there every single second to meet their needs because we have work to do. Chances are they are already tired, hungry, possibly bored and just want the comfort of their bottle of milk. 

For breastfeeding mothers, who bottle feed, this might prove to be even more challenging. Sure the milk is thawed from the night before, but warming up breastmilk requires bottle warmers with a lower temperature setting to maintain its nutrients. Therefore, a warmer which comes with safety features to prevent overheating is best so that you can just warm up your milk and not have to worry about it. 

More bang for your buck

The bottle warmer you’re thinking of getting should be affordable and not break your bank. Can it multi-task down the line and warm up baby food, for example? Do they fit your current bottles? Because if they don’t, you’ll just end up spending more money on a new set of bottles that actually fit!

Parents with twins who only want to invest in one bottle warmer should look for warmers that can heat the milk back-to-back. It is important to take this into consideration because some bottle warmers require a cool-down period after each cycle. Surely, you wouldn’t want to be left with the other, very upset twin who’s waiting to be fed. 

Cords, batteries or not?

Think about how you’re going to power up the travel bottle warmer. Do they require a USB plugin, batteries, or a standard electrical outlet? On top of the varying power options, finding a warmer that is less complicated to use is more manageable. Just imagine the amount of multitasking involved if you’re having to warm up milk while appearing attentive during a meeting. On the one hand, you’ll be busy distracting your child, praying they don’t start crying soon, and on the other hand, you’ll be eyeing the warmer, willing it to hurry up or be prepared to stay muted for the rest of the conference call.

If you’re travelling by car and coming home to a hungry baby, consider getting a bottle warmer that fits the cup holder in your vehicle. Convenience is key, and if work requires you to head down to the office, at least you’ll be met with a very happy baby waiting for their bottle. 

Is it easy to clean?

The fewer the parts, the less you’ll have to clean, which makes things so much easier. Just imagine how much longer it would be for you to take apart, clean and reassemble if the parts are many. Bearing in mind that you only have a short window of time to clean and set it up for the next use, the simpler things are, the more convenient it would be.

Speaking of parts, make sure that they are made with durable materials of high quality—for example, a food-grade stainless steel heating plate, which is very safe and easy to clean. A bottle warmer with grippy sides also ensures that you do not accidentally drop the device when you are washing it. Of course, nothing beats being able to wash the entire warmer unit without having to worry that you would ruin it! 

Choosing the best bottle warmer in a nutshell

Again we need to stress that you find a warmer that is compatible with most bottles on the market since different brands come in different sizes. While we understand that there is no one size fits all, it is still best to choose the most versatile one that fits your needs. Find one that is fuss-free, compact and made of high-quality, durable materials that you can carry around easily, any where.

The Momma Intelligent bottle warmer is an excellent option because not only does it come with a one year warranty when you purchase it, its design is compact, plus it is effortless to use. Your baby can enjoy warm milk anywhere from 8-10 minutes, depending on the volume they are currently drinking, and you can conveniently charge the warmer with a Type-C cable. If you need to charge on the go, just bring along a power bank. You can even charge it while at work on your laptop!

It takes approximately 4 hours to be fully charged and fits 80% of bottles in the market. The best part of all is that this bottle warmer comes with 3 different temperature settings, which makes it great for breastfeeding mothers. Momma Intelligent bottle warmer’s intuitive features can keep milk warm for up to 6 hours once it reaches the desired temperature, eliminating the need for repeated reheats. Why not check it out for yourself? You’ll find more information about the Momma Intelligent warmer on our Facebook page, or you can also check our Youtube page for videos on how to maximise this amazing product. 

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