Hapi Moms Brownie 192g

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  • Nutritionist and lactationist formulated to support breastmilk supply.
  • Combination of galactagogue ingredients that hellp to boost breastmilk supply.
  • Two Cookies in a sachet for hygiene and convenience.
  • Halal Certified.

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  • Speacially-formulate lactation cookies that help to boost breast milk supply by nutritionist & lactationist.
  • With ingredients traditionally used to support breast milk supply:
    Fenugreek : Acts as a galactagogue which affects the stimulation of the mammary glands.
    Fennel Seeds : Increase levels of prolacton, a main hormone which is responsible for stimulating milk production.
    Brewer’s Yeast : Contains highly digestible protein, minerals and vitamin B. It is termed as a “Superfood” to help boost milk supply for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Twin cookies in Individual sachet for hygiene purposes and maintain frehsness.
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Dimensions 50 × 30 × 11 cm


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